Thursday 14 June 2012

Ninjump : from iOS to Android

Another popular App from iOS has made it’s way onto Android. Ninjump let’s you play a Ninja that looks like a 3D figure of a stick figure with a little style added onto it’s head. Run up walls and Jump from wall to wall dodging obstacles such as other ninjas, ninja stars (shurikens), birds, squirrels and unclimbable parts of buildings/walls. Things may look tough but there are ways to make your life easier. Collect a bubble and it will protect you from one disaster. Destroy three of the same type of items in a row and a special is performed, letting you do a big leap up while doing acrobatic moves with an invincible bubble while you are still doing that special. 

 The first time I witnessed this game it was on the ipod touch or itouch. The graphics and menu interface are clean and read your touch fairly well. Tip:Don’t let your thumb block your view of the screen, I had to learn that the hard way. The sounds effects sound like they are where they belong with good quality. Reach the previous highest point you have gone so far and you see a banner marking that location. Pass that location and graffiti lets you have a small celebration. Don’t get too distracted at the task at hand though, maneuvering to get higher.

To download the Ninjump application search for it on your respective smartphone platform. The app is brought to you by Backflip Studios, Inc. (A Top Developer). It has 99,000 ratings on Google Play alone averaging over 4 stars. With almost no load time and simple gameplay, this game is good for killing a few minutes.

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