Thursday 28 June 2012

Great Britain Comes Alive with a Featured Travel App

Explore Great Britain

Great Britain and particularly London are once again back in the news with the impending Olympics. "Is there an app for that?" Did someone say?

Yes, and we're not just talking about an app to explore London and its surrounds(plus some other major UK cities) during the Olympics. But an app to show you around London any time of the year and whenever you should choose to visit .

Why there's Tower Bridge; Buckingham Palace and a thousand other attractions that have been there for hundreds of years, and hopefully many hundreds to come. I've had the privilege of living in London a few years back and I wish I had this app then , it would really have opened my eyes to what it means to "Live by the River".

But to call this a London Tourist App would be to do this massively comprehensive Great Britain guide a massive disservice, London is just one of the major cities featured, there's 37 other major destinations featured in the mx Great Britain Guide app and we love all the features that the UK Travel App gives us.

Discover Olympic Venues app
App to find London Wifi Spots?
An astonishing set of features in
this Travel App
In fact if you're an infrequent traveller to Albion and have just come for the Olympics make sure you stick to your itinerary as this app will take you down the path less travelled.

You'll really marvel at the full feature set that just seems to cover so many bases and comes in such a well wrapped and colourful icon packed app. Need Transport? Flights; Eurostar; Ferries; Coaches and more in Britain are covered.
Perhaps the UK is not best known for its fine cuisine but all stops have been pulled out for Great Britain Guide app to make it seem even more impressive than many dedicated foody apps. Use the app to "Discover the Taste of Britain"; the ever popular "Wine ; Beer and Cider Tours" and more. 
Okay , I've finished waxing lyrical about the abundance of options this travel guide for Britain can give you, put your Olympic Racing Shoes on already and get yourself down to Google Play or the Apple Appstore to download the free travel app and see for yourself what a difference it can make to touring Great Britain. See you at the games; or the Suffolk Cider Festival; or the Cowes Yacht  Race or.....
mx Great Britain Guide on Google Play
mx Great Britain Guide on the Appstore

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