Tuesday 26 June 2012

Technology to Transform Lives

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LiveBetterYou : Happiness
On a day to day basis our mobiles are constantly with us. These everyday business and entertainment tools are so meshed in with our daily lives that they can and do exert a strong influence on us. Into this technological maelstrom steps Gigi entertainment, with an app to transform and liberate us. If your gadgets are going to be with you all the time, then it makes sense for them to improve not only our business and entertainment but also our very lives themselves. From adversity springs newly budded hope, Live Better You was born from a very human and moving story: 

Being the father of a Make A Wish Child and another unhappy person stuck in the technological rat race inspired the creator behind Gigi Entertainment to make the Live Better You App which is described as :
... unlike any app ever created. It's part self-help app, part TedX, and part game engine. It's real-life stories, ideas worth spreading, and real-time 2D/3D animation (with Unity). I hope you like it! 

Apps for Happiness

The story told by Live Better You: Happiness is beautifully evocative and moving. Told through a mixture of cutscenes and interactive storytelling the app gives ideas about ways of living that echo so many positive thought processes . Initially when "playing" the app I wasn't to sure what it was about , but as the story unfolds, made more poignant by the emotionally evocative storytelling of a real person who has lived through adversity, you find yourself drawn in and seeing so many correspondences with your own bad habits and negative thoughts, that you really believe that the app can make a difference.
Divided into days in a seminar; confessional story type format. I haven't rushed through the app to review it, as it really is a self help app to be savoured. enjoyed and reflected upon.

Movies and books have been emotionally enmeshing us for years; "LiveBetterYou: Happiness" is the first app that I've seen that crosses the emotional barrier betweeen this type of technology and the human element in all of us. Will the app improve your life? Perhaps, but it will definitely change your perceptions as a beautiful  story unfolds in app format.

The Creator of this emotionally charged app  speaks out as to how your real life events can help you to be a better app developer and person
You know how it goes. You're sitting at the character creation screen, and for the life of you, you can't decide what to name your character. It shouldn't matter, and yet, it does. My kids and I were sitting on the floor, taking turns, with Oblivion (ES4). Now, it was my turn to make a character. And together, we picked the name, Gigi. And thus, Gigi Games was born. 

Indie shops are different. Sometimes, they create runaway hits like Minecraft, and sometimes, they blow people away with artistic masterpieces. But almost always, when you go Indie, it's to answer a calling inside of you. 

I spent the last decade building games, but I got the itch. I needed to do my own thing. So, I started my own company, and I assumed I'd be creating games for myself. But, that's not what happened. I couldn't make myself finish the games I was designing. It's where the money was, but it's not where my heart was. I kept thinking of that moment, on the carpet, laughing with my kids, inventing hundreds of goofy names.

I'm an Indie, a designer, and a coder. A husband, a coach, and a father. My family is unique. And, when you mix all those ingredients in a bowl, what you get is LiveBetterYou. 

No one has told that story.
Curtiss-Creator of LiveBetterYou


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