Thursday 14 June 2012

How iPads have changed Industry

This is just a musing , philosophical article on how iPads have changed the face of industry. Just based on personal experience and observation I've noticed iPads creeping more and more into everyday life, aside from young businessman, who seem to always be the first walk of life to adapt new and expensive technologies, many others are now finding iPads indispensable . From High School teachers using the devices. For nominal roles, restaurant owners totting up bills on their I devices to stevedores dodging and moving a pallet rack will itemising shipments on their IOS powered tablets, everyone seems to be using them these days. But how much can they actually change, I used to be a docker in a once a time temporary job and I wonder how much of the humping, lumping and grunting of moving boxes and heavy goods from truck to pallet could actually be replaced or enhanced by tablet tech. Not a lot I'm guessing, so I'm sure there still are limits to what they can do. That's all of today's IPad based musings done, just off to get my IPhone to clean the house and make a cup of tea ....Keyword:

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