Thursday 14 June 2012

Medical Self Diagnosis on your IPhone

Ayurvedic Principles
feature in Diagnosis Plus
If you're lucky to have free medical care you'll still have the inconvenience of having to make doctor's appointments for what could be inconsequential illnesses. On the other hand if you pay for your medical needs, then be prepared to spend a lot of money,even for a diagnosis. Luckily for iPhone and iPad owners there's a third option available: you can now perform self diagnosis with the Diagnosis Plus app. 

 As a lifestyle and health app Diagnosis Plus coud really change your life around and comes with a suite of unique, but well established, health diagnosis features. Alongside a commonplace BMI calculator for your idevice comes the ability to conduct tongue and fingernail appearance diagnosis. 
Using time honoured alternate medicine techniques founded on ancient Eastern and Ayurvedic principles, this less than commonplace form of diagnosis makes this app both unique and perhaps even essential for somebody wanting to bring sound principles to bear on essential life choices. Changes can be brought to bear by yourself or the results shared with friends or given to your local medical professional . Not only can you weed out problems before they occur but also bring about crucial changes which could ,amongst other things, combat weight gain and give you more energy. 

Ancient Ayurvedic principles combined with modern technology is available from the AppStore in the form of Diagnosis+

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