Saturday 2 June 2012

How to generate Promo Codes and Refund Beta Testers for Android Apps

Getting Playtesters for Android apps and giving out refunds for reviews of your Android Apps is not nearly as straightforward as for iOS apps. If you're a reviewer or beta tester for an iPhone or iPad app all you have to do is use a site like TestFlight or get the developer whose app is being tested to email you a promo code. Simple!
Perhaps that's why iOS apps are reviewed so much more often than Android apps, after all a busy app review site can't afford the time nor money to review all the Android apps out there, let alone pay for the privilege!
In this article we hope to give advice to both Android developers and Beta Testers, as well as journalists looking for a way to download Android apps without paying for them, for the purpose of reviewing or beta testing. If only Google Play had a simple Promo Code system for Android apps!

How to generate Promo Codes for Android Apps or Getting Android Apps to Review and Test for Free

This is the method used by the developer of Warlock's Bounty to get his Android app out to his beta testers and the games press for free:
If the Android Press decides  to review the full version (Warlock's Bounty Android Game) we can give  a full refund - just by using the reviewers google user name

there is an easier way - a google username can be added to the Android developer's Google test licence account, which will pass the licence check even if they provide the apk outside of google play - the tester/reviewer will just have to be signed into google play. 

 The refund system might not be for everyone as it charges 30% of the transaction to google, so doing the refund the developer has to cover the cost of that 30%, this is probably why not many devs are using this approach. For many Android Game developers the cost is neglible depending on how many Android Game Promos they provide.

Once the funds come through on the Android Developer's account, it can take up to 2 days for these funds to come through, a refund can be issued.

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