Sunday 3 June 2012

IOS GPS App with Killer Features

GPS app with address and postcode location
Designed for both iPad and iPhone the eGPS Lite Pro GPS app brings some much sought after functions to the world of GPS apps. Before we blurt on about all the killer functions of this useful GPS app we'll cut staright to the chase and say if the app works well as a standalone GPS or not, the quick answer is , "Yes" admirably so.

eGPS Lite PRO has one outstanding reason to buy it, but before we get to that reason let's look at some of the other features the nav app has. Seldom do we see such a complete navigation suite in an app, especially one coming in at a low price range. The navaid punches far above it's pricepoint for its standard features. These of course will function more than adequately for simple driving or walking navigation, but appealing to the more specialised GPS needs of geocachers ; runners; hikers and others needing enhanced navigation abilities the fact that the GPS has the ability to show latitude; longitude;heading; speed and altitude will make it a must have for any sportsmen or hobbyists looking for an inexpensive yet powerfully featured GPS app.
Hikers; orienteerers and suchlike will find
the GPS Apps lat and long and altitude functions useful
However those features are all eclipsed by some powerful coding in the GPS that gives it the aforementioned killer feature, unlike most other apps of it's kind eGPS gives the ability to show the exact street address of your current location. In usage tests the app proved this function to be remarkably accurate, even up to the point of being able to get a zip code (postal code) from the GPS app. The app description lists numerous ways that this address/postal finding GPS function can be useful including: 
-In a strange city, you visit a restaurant, bar, or attraction you like. The current address feature will let you identify where you are and save it for future reference. 
-If you are visiting a place where you don't know the exact address but you want to direct a friend there, you can pull up the current address in eGPSlite to provide them the correct location for use in their own GPS devices or mapping program 
-If you are on the road and drive past an interesting location, eGPSlite can give you the exact address so you can look it up later. 
-While driving, if you are looking for an address on a long street, the address feature can show your current address and position so you know how many blocks or doors ahead you must continue toward your destination. 
-Often times, storefronts or offices on a city block will not show their street address on the door. With eGPSlite, you can find the exact street address of the place you are standing and use it to direct yourself to the right entrance. 
-If you are house hunting, pub crawling, or hopping between open houses, it can be hard to keep track of where you are. Instead of needing to go outside and look at the address, you can use the address feature on your phone to remind yourself of which address you are visiting. 
-If you are traveling or on a road trip, the address feature can help you discover which town you are visiting by providing the exact address. 
The possibilities are limitless of course making this definitely a killer feature of the GPS and along with the host of other features and a very low price point 
eGPS Lite Pro is a top choice for a GPS app.

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