Thursday, 21 June 2012

How to get your App Noticed

Getting your app noticed in the demanding and cluttered markets is not easy. Especially if you're programming orientated and don't have the time, money or inclination to market your apps. I've been following many developer forum discussions recently to discuss getting your app noticed and I'm going to paraphrase one S. Weiss who has some good advice about making a standout app:
What Apps will get Noticed
Don't go for an app that has an ultra competitive market. There are bigger and more budgeted developers who you will find hard to compete against. "My buddy learned that lesson in the first 2 weeks of IOS having spent the last 6 months developing an IOS app called places, and got trounced trying to compete with all the other apps for finding restaurants etc. He was encouraged  to launch a smaller app which cost a lot less to make. Today he's one of the few who's been in a top 20 paid slot for such a prolonged time. Apple even bought the image rights to his app when it was on the billboards." 


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