Thursday 21 June 2012

Social Hub: Handy Android Social Network Access App

Social Hub App
Nothing is more easy or convenient than accessing your social networks via your Android phone. Or is there an easier way?

Take One Android phone of your choice, add the Social Hub App on Google Play and the way you use your mobile to get onto your social networks will change forever.

It is easy to use all the major networks , such as Twitter; Facebook and LinkedIn on your Android phone. Indeed some of them even have dedicated apps to support them. But , if you're any kind of more than casual networker it is a big inconvenience to have to jump around through a multitude of apps to do your networking and status updating. Bradley St Clair's Social Hub app solves this by having all your social networks linked together in one handy all encompassing super networking app.

With all the password and access rights you'd expect to make the most of your business or personal connecting time, the app's creator is also very hands on and will happily update the app to include social networks of your choice. At the moment these social networks are supported by the app:
- Twitter
- Pinterest
- Tumblr
- Myspace
- Youtube
- Google +
- StumbleUpon
- Digg
- LinkedIn
- Xing

Download Social Hub on Google Play today to find out just how much easier the app can make it to connect to the world.

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