Tuesday 12 June 2012

iPad Smart Case to replace Smart cover

I wince every time I put my iPad 2 down as that beautiful aluminium back is sure to soon attract scratches and damage. You can see why Appl edesigned the original magnetic smart cover, at that time the slimness of the iPad 2 was a big sexy selling point. Now that the aesthetic barriers are pretty much the same, hence continued Androi / Samsung lawsuits because of the tablets similarities slimness is not such a big selling point . So Apple has been nice enough to promise an imminent smart case for the IPad 2 and the new IPad which will share the same technology as the smart cover, come in the same colours, and have the ability to be engraved for free. The big selling point of the new iPad case though is of course the ability to protect the iPad front and back. Apple svelte ness and protection,what the Official iPad cover is when it grows up and becomes the Oficial iPad case.

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