Tuesday 12 June 2012

Brain Trainer Free: Enhance your Mind with Android

Android is known as the smart users phone of choice, some would say that compared to the iPhone you do need a degree to work around the more complicated Android OS! But Brain Surgeon degree or not, you wouldn't be reading this article if you weren't an Android user. So you want to improve that already large Android Loving Brain? Then read on...

Slovakian based app developer Inloop has the answer to your Android brain training needs. With its free app (the free version has ads and locked games; the paid version doesn't have these limitations) BRAIN TRAINER FREE the developer has compiled a really sizeable collection of brain enhancing mini games. Whether you're a Samsung toting teacher; a student with an HTC Desire or any other type of semi intellectual or wannabe intellectual, or just like old fashioned fun. This fine collection of cerebrally challenging games will provide hours of fun and really give the old grey matter a thorough going over.

There are over thirty mini games including memory trainer; math ninja and number sequences . Stats are included to test and rate your progress too.
Download Inloops Brain Trainer Free for Google Play

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