Friday 15 June 2012

Repairing your Vodafone Mobile

Intended specifically for our UK readers who have a mobile phone on the Vodafone network, this article will roughly run you through the process of repairing your phone if it has become defective. Based on my personal experience of returning my defective Xperia Play (A frozen screen initially and the it simply failed to get past the Sony loading screen). The first two options open to you are to either return the phone to Vodafone via post. In which case expect to wait about two days before the prepaid envelope is sent to you to send back to the big V. The second option is to go to a Vodafone shop, they will verify you via your mobile number, you'll sign the Vodafone returnee agreement and then expect a ten day wait before your phone is either returned in a fixed state. Or if it is beyond repair a replacement handset should be sent out. You'll keep the back cover,battery,sim card and Memory card. The rest is up to Vodafone, but we do recommend backing up the mobile before sending it as you will lose all data on the phone. The Vodafone repair centre will text you upon receiving the mobile and when they despatch the repaired handset back to you.

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