Friday 15 June 2012

Be a real Spy

Gaming CAN help you become a Spy!
Do you really want to be a real spy? You do know that they have the unfortunate pitfall of having their grisly remains found in suitcases? Well if you really want to be a real spy then, the Online Spy Shop Flash Game is a good place to start.

Well, yes it is a Flash game, and perhaps not the most well known on the net. But the concept behind it is brilliant. If I had a Spy shop and wanted to advertise my real life espionage gadgets then I'd imagine that my customers would share a similar demographic to those that would enjoy OSS . Look beyond the fairly slow main character movement and there is a wealth of spying gadgets to use to initially crack the codes for the safe and the elevator. Further into the game and the tone changes from pure eavesdropping gadgetry use to more action orientation. Lasers come at you hindering your progress, this I found a slight let down as the main character is fairly slow to respond, especially when twitch gaming is needed.

As a concept linked to an actual Spy Store the Spy Store Flash game plays out well, especially when you play it with the mindset that the spying devices you are using are just a button click away.
So go become a real spy at OSS-OnlineSpyShop-And don't forget that there are coupons to win discounts to buy the equipment you'll need to get spying in real life.

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