Tuesday 19 June 2012

Sluggo: iPad Arcade Gaming at it's best

Sluggo: Funaddictive iPad game.
If you're any sort of mobile gamer then you probably remember Nokia's "Snake" of previous gaming generations. Sluggo is what Snake would be if it grew up, blasted off into outer space and decided to become a giant inter-stellar planet munching worm.

Naturally Sluggo reminds us of Snake, with similar gameplay,  but rehashed and remixed for 2012 to make not only an altogether different game (albeit with Snake roots) but an arcade game that just feels right for the iPad.

Your interstellar worm gradually devours planets of ascending size, collects the odd powerup and avoids the Sun. Collision with the Sun or a planet too big for Sluggo's belly results in a loss of size, until eventually the Game Over screen looms.

Music and graphics add to Sluggo's playability
The graphics are bright and simple , giving a very crisp feel to the game and the soundtrack works very well with the music setting a good pace. Toucharcade forums are ablaze with praise for Sluggo as it is a simple premise that mixes some great design elements together to make a playable and addictive game.

Further updates to the game could add some new elements to the game to increase its longevity, but as an addictive Indie arcade game the app certainly deserves your iPad screen time.
Download: Sluggo: The Planet Eating Space Worm for iOS

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