Tuesday 19 June 2012

Finding the best Android Docks and Speakers

The ultimate Android Speaker Dock?
If you're an audiophile you've probably sourced the best music docks and speakers for your iPhone already. There's a plethora of good sound gadgets, even up to and including top end amplifiers, for iPhones. If you're an Android owner things seemingly aren't as easy.

While considering to buy the latest (or at least supposedly greatest) Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 ,I went off on a web search to find the best docks and speakers for Androids. All the top sites, such as Ebay and Amazon, are quick to come up with search results .Unfortunately many of those results aren't geared toward Android friendly docks but to the iPhone.

Now it's understandable that the iPhone, with it's heritage of being simply a telephone capable iPod has music in it's genes, so naturally you would expect to find many ways to plug in your phone and make music. However , the fact that it is so difficult to find dedicated speakers and docks for even prestige Android phones is shocking.
We've taken a lot of the leg work out of your search for Android's music accessories and have tried to parse down the search results to find what you may be looking for:

Neuros has brought out what supposedly is the first Android music dock for a wide variety of phones. Available from ThinkGeek, the dock will charge and play music from most new Android phones. Any web search for Digital Innovations Universal Speaker Dock should show you the best pricing.
Rumoured to be the first universal Android Speaker Dock
The Philips website is worth exploring as they're getting into the Android music scene in a big way, the Philips AS531 Speaker is one of the most popular Philips speaker docks for Android. The AS 851 also has some good reviews.

For Motorola Android phones it is recommended to try the Atrix standard dock with attached amplified speakers.

The Sonos S5 is a truly universal piece of kit providing music streaming from both iOS and Android devices

Finally another good brand name dock is the Creative D100 , it works via bluetooth, so the disadvantage is that you won't be able to charge your mobile off this speaker/amplifier setup

Now if you're a really serious musician and want the absolute best, booming and loudest sound system out there you're going to have to consider buying an amplifier: 
Why aren't there many Music Docks for Android?

For an Android dock to be considered 'universal'  it needs to have a micro-USB switch that can be placed in different configurations,  a small 3.5mm headphone connector would be needed too. The micro-usb could be setup to match your phone whether that be a Motorola, an HTC, SOny or any other Android phone, you would have to connect the 3.5mm plug into the headphone socket.

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