Friday 15 June 2012

Snuggle Truck

Yes, we know Snuggle Truck has been around for a while, but we only discovered it quite recently. Considering that we're professional app reviewers and awesome games are slipping through our net, we figured that you might have missed out too. So what's it all about, expect the same type of accelerate, left and right leaning Motocross gameplay of a Trials Hd type game or a Bike Baron. Combine that with some stunningly rendered cutesy graphics in a style of Little Big Planet and a massive user database of Snuggle Truck community created levels, also in a similar vein to LBP. Time limit racing, while giving the cuddly animals in the back of your Snuggle Truck a smooth ride so as to not let them bounce out is the name of the game. There won't be a truck Bull Bar on this vehicle, that's for sure. We've been having a great time playing the Snuggle on IPad and we hope that this article will help you to discover it too.

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