Friday 15 June 2012

Gun & Blood : Top Shooter for Android

Gun & Blood. The game is actually a lot less bloody than the title suggests. This android app is unlike any other app. The drawn graphics looks really detailed without distorted proportions. Sound effects are decent. There are a good selection of upgrades for each weapon. Not all guns have the same upgrades. Use Medical Kits and Airstrikes to aid you. Various types of enemies await you to teach them a lesson. Get hurt or low on health and your screen will have red splatters, not unlike in the Call of Duty games. The last level is a few times longer than normal levels and is called the Hell Wave. Shoot enemies before the target and or timer around their heads runs out and they start shooting you. Loading only takes place on startup, after that you are basically good to go within a few seconds. All this fun and action is FREE.

Is Gun & Blood any different from other shooters?
Aside from the way above average quality looks and sounds, it does have a few unique features. If you find that your weapon isn't strong enough for the level you are currently on, you can go back to previous levels to gain money winning those levels again(however you don't get the gold from defeating old levels). Choppers can be taken down with regular guns. You don't need to use real world money to progress more than 20 levels or to buy guns that will get you that far(although you can). Head shots are consistent with your reticule and guns accuracy in the game. Another great aspect about this game is that you don't always have to buy specials/airstrikes or medkits to use them. When you low on health the game sometimes lets you pick up and use a healing item by shooting it on the screen. When a large number of enemies are coming onto the field, an airstrike package might be shown in front of you. Shoot it before it disappears and you are safe for the moment. (sometimes an airstrike hits you after hitting them, not sure what is going on here). Another thing to look into is whether or not shooting the enemies or using a special racks up more points.
Buy new weapons and upgrades to increase your firepower (without having to use real world money to make purchases). When an airstrike is activated or called upon, you are invincible until the strike ends.  This is's just a little odd to see the walkie talkie radio pop out in front of your face. However, it does let you know that the special has been activated. Upgrades includes scopes, cartridges, barrels, grips, and more. Grenade Launchers are also available for use.The effects of upgrades and menus and HUD are easy to navigate.
The controls are good. At first I was wondering why my headshots weren't being counted so much. It's because the Accuracy of the weapon isn't high enough. Helicopters are tougher to take down of course, but still possible with lots of bullets from mid level guns. One suggestion I do have would be to make the "F" button the whole bottom right corner of the screen. That section isn't being used and sometimes if my finger isn't directly on the F button, my aiming is unintentially moved by my right thumb. Parts of your gun isn't shown on screen even when aiming up. This however results in better view of the screen anyways. One other odd thing, not sure if it's a flaw or not, is that your character stands there whole time without ducking.

The Android app is brought to you by Feeling Touch INC. With over 5,000,000 installs and an average rating of 4.5 there's a good chance you'll enjoy this shooting application. I would recommend this game for anyone looking for a first-person shooter game for Android. It has great replayability due to being able to go back to previous levels to earn money and guns having balanced strength with the levels so that it isn't impossible to proceed without spending money early in the game.

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