Tuesday 12 June 2012

Upcoming addictive Unity Powered Games

We love working with app developers and getting exposure to their newest apps before they're released. The developer of Jumping Electron looks to be making a splash come the 13th of June with their new vintage inspired Android App set to make hearts start pumping pure adrenalin  filled puzzling through Android users veins. Here's the press release for the Android Puzzler, expect a Gametrender article soon to celebrate the Apps release day:
App Press Release

On June 13th 2012, Arcade meets Electronic Age on Android!

Jumping Electron is a coming soon arcade game for Android with a classic platformer looks and feel, and a gameplay fueled by vintage adrenalin.  
With 40 levels and two chapters, Jumping Electron is a journey back to early Electronic Ages.
Transformers, diodes, lamps and radiators become obstacles on a highway inside a vintage Radio and a Jukebox. The highway will continue inside a Tv and Phone Switchboard.

Tilt and touchscreen tap functionality stand for an easy gameplay: guide the Jumping Electron on the highway, avoid crashing with obstacles, tunnels and gaps. Gather Electrons, Protons, Neutrons to maintain energy level.
Maximum time spent learning gameplay: 5 seconds
Maximum time spent playing the game: till complete numbness 

Gamers will have the possibility to gather and spend virtual Volts on the geekiest ad-ons available in Shop: Customized balls, Extra Energy, Level Boosters.
Jumping Electron is developed and published by Finmouse-mobile software development, using Unity 3D game engine, custom-made concept art and 3D Models made in Blender.

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