Tuesday 12 June 2012

Decorating your home iPad Style

iPad inspired Furniture
After our recent experiments in watching iPad movies in bed we were quite enthused about some sort of bedroom gadget that will make the ipad easier to view or hold and mkae our viewing experience easier. 
Being avid gadget loving geeks we then naturally went off to explore what home furniture has been designed with the iPad in mind. We'd been hoping to find Ipad controlled fridges and easy open curtains that work at the touch of an app button at the very least. These are the results of our iPad inspired furniture experiments:

  • Coming up top and featured very recently in these very pages is the 20 thousand Dollar iPad bed, not only will this monstrosity set you back 20 G but also expect to use 2 iPads to get the most out of its fixtures.
  • The iPad Chair is the next largest article we came across, pay 6 K for the privilege of having a dedicated dock and stand built into the armchair for your ipad's use.
  • Some of this iPad inspired furniture actually has some great ergonomic lines to it. Enough to make even Steve Jobs proud  is the iPad enclosing business desk from Villa Pro Ctrl featured as the picture at the top of this article.
  • A recent Staples survey shows 35 percent of iPad users using their iDevices in the Bathroom. So we certainly think there's a gap in the market for some sort of iPad Bathroom fixture. Perhaps a waterproof case complete with suckers to transform your iPad into a bathroom friendly radio. Can't find one on the net but can't believe it hasn't been done!
  • Finally we'd like to kick it back Roman style and an iOS powered chair is simply not good enough . We want Apple luxury with a chaise lounge and will be writing off to our friends to find a chaise lounge chair at ChaiseLounges.com that had damned well better have some sort of decadent iPad dock built into it!

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