Wednesday 13 June 2012

Using your Android to find Bargains

Android phones are saving people thousands , maybe even millions daily. However all these savings are based on the strengths of the apps that you have to sort out your shopping and bargain wishlist. For every good coupon or discount app there;s a lot of Android bloatware that's just going to fill your phone with push notifications and no real bargains.
These are some of the more legit and widely used Android Shopping and price comparison apps that we've come across:

  • Amazon Price Check
  • Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper 2012
  • Barcode Hero
  • Red Lazer
  • Goodzer
Many of the shopping and price comparison apps on Google Play are becoming rapidly standardised to usable levels, for example type in a simple search phrase like and many will tell you if that's the best place to buy that product and give you alternatives. Generally when you're looking to get a good price with your Android the more well known companies apps are the ones to go for as they're backed by big business and have better connections.

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