Wednesday 13 June 2012

What is Microsoft Smartglass?

A tablet or Smartphones ability to mirror their display on television is nothing new. Samsung with their smart tv's is a great example as is Apple's airplayalliwing you to view movies,pictures and even play air play enabled games on television. Microsoft's Smartglass technology is all this and promises so much more. If successful Smartglass will certainly trump The Wii U which offers a similar out the box function. Basically what Microsoft Smartglass offers is the ability for you to control your console using your tablet or smartphone. So not simply mirroring,but a whole new way to control your Xbox, and more importantly from a gamer's viewpoint view game interface screens like inventory and maps on an alternate display. Philip Spencer of Microsoft has promised that in the near future all Microsoft first party games will offer this ability. As of yet there's no word whether IOS or Android or Which Smartphone Os's will be supported. On a purely speculation front we personally think that this bodes well for Microsft themselves releasing their own tablet to take advantage of Microsoft Smartglass in the future.

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