Thursday 7 June 2012

Using your Android to take chat up lines further

Flirt with Android:
Chat Up Lines 101
Texting,phoning,picture messaging,apping and now even flirting, your Android can be used for the lot! If you're single then sooner or later you're going to have to take the plunge and find a mate, now if you can use your Android phone to find a partner, then we say why not! 

So first step in the dating game, once you've found your target the next step is to choose your chat up line wisely, and that's where Chat Up Lines 101 comes in. Bringing some brilliant chat up lines to their ad free Android App, from the quirky to the obscure, to the downright brilliant. Fancy a Harry Potter Chat up line, or a Dr Who chat up line? Yup you guessed it you can find them on this Android app: Chat Up Lines 101.(The best Chat up app just gort better with a new sexy name: iChatup)It  brings something different to the Smartphone Chat up line app scene, by boasting of having different lines to use depending on the situation and how close to closure of the dating deal you are.
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Android Chat Up Lines

 Whether you're simply looking to use a Cheesy or insulting chat up line to earn a slap in the face and the hilarity of your buddies, or a genuinely romantic phrase to woo the boy or girl of your dreams 101 will see you right. And then takes the flirty app idea further by Recognising different occasions such as "first Contact" or "Going Further" and feeding you the appropriate chat up lines for that particular situation.
 So whether you're wanting just a bit of mirth or genuinely want an app that will give you usable chat up lines to clinch a romance, Chat Up Lines 101 could be just the intelligent flirting app that you're looking for.-and remember that name change: iChatup


  1. Great App! Just bought it to have a laugh with the boys for a stag night this weekend>

    1. Gametrender takes no responsibility for any female difficulties, good or bad that the app will land you in!

  2. Hey Anonymous, great to see you enjoyed the app. Just for information, I renamed the app to ichatup. No other changes. So when you look for it just type ichatup. An iphone version will also be available in a couple of weeks.


  3. hey dude, so this app, man it's great. I'm what you would call a Geek.. no luck with the ladies. this has helpws. Well at least it gets me a opening line!. Now get a app to get me to secon base


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