Tuesday 12 June 2012

What is the Most Useless Gadget for your iPad?

When we saw the iCade advertised on various i friendly websites we were quite excited, that is until we found that the iPad friendly retro arcade cabinet was only a hoax. It would have been very sweet to play Space Invaders on a retro arcade cabinet powered by an iPad. 

Still the idea wasn't completely wasted as it got us to thinking about useless products and gadgets so far ahead of their time and convenience space that they're just simply other worldly. Take wet rated outdoor ceiling fans for example. Great idea at first glance, but if you're actually going to want a waterproof product made for cooling , surely it being outdoors is kinda counterproductive 'cos it's going to be breezy anyway!

Still I digress, speaking specifically of useless iPad gadgets and accessories, here's a small list we've compiled. how many of these white elephants do you own or want to own?
Most useless iPad Gadgets and Accesories

  1. iMaxi- A sanitary pad shaped sock for your iPad, bloody tasteless if you ask us!
  2. iPad Vest-Now you too can walk around looking like a shoplifter with the handy concealed iPad pocket in these shapeless and tastless vests.
  3. iCon Bed- A 20 thousand Dollar Queen Sized bed designed around the iPad, is it because you love your Apple products so much that you want to romance them in a nice bed designed just for them?
  4. Sausage Design Stylus for the TouchScreen. Why , because you love sausages, that's why!
  5. Hi Sun Towel: With Speakers either side of your head-just like , well Headphones we suppose!
  6. The iPhone Tv Hat-It's worth looking up pictures of this on the net just to see what a plonker you will look(Yes, I know it's a gadget for an iPhone not an Ipad , but it's so ridiculous I just had to share it)
  7. iPad Chair to go with your iPad bed , Sir? Don't worry this geek friendly Elite Home Theater Seating product will only set you back 6K
  8. iArm Forearm Mount. Now you too can mount your iPad on your forearm leaving both hands free, that is if you remember you've got an iPad strapped to one and don't go knocking out one of your colleagues with it. Actually we've even seen this one on Britain's Good Morning Television when an actual live reporter was using one.

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