Tuesday 24 July 2012

Apps for finding sites of historical beauty

Apps for Tourists
Once again we turn to the power of our Smartphones to help us out; this time around we wondered if we could use our Android Phone to find sites of historical or natural beauty. Would our phones lead us to the local parks water fountains or to Rome's Trevi fountain?

Apps to Find Historical or Natural Beauty Sites
We were inspired to write this article by a quiet day at home when we had no activity planned with the family. However a quick local attraction search on Google maps quickly took us to a local petting zoo-score one for Google Maps

Pocket Places has quickly established themselves as a well known maker of tourist apps and have a lot of guides that can lead you to sites of local beauty.

Africa Alive is another app by Pocket Places that makes the wonders of the African Savannah come alive with sights and sounds of wildlife and natural beauty. A great little app to download if your tourism takes you off the beaten track.

AroundMe is another app that has a lot of scope for tourists looking for local sites geographically. They have a large data base and a very easy to use interface.

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