Tuesday 24 July 2012

Really Useful (Useless!) Apps

Useful Apps: How to tie a tie
A phrase we often use is : "There's an app for that!" So we're just doing a little comment driven survey to find out what you think are the most obscure and useful (or useless depending on your perspective) apps out there.
Like many of our articles inspiration has to come from somewhere and that was when we were researching this article and found that one of the most popular non game apps on Google Play at the moment is the "How to Tie a tie " App. Now if that is really trending for Android we wondered what other marvels we could find , we'd love to see an app for cleaning leather furniture for example. 
Useless Apps
Other Useless Apps (Useful to some maybe):
That's what HE said-all it does is say that phrase, over and over and over again!
Scary Kitty: You pat the cute little Kitty, then a scary face scares you. Awesome if you need an app for scaring kids!
Three irritating words are Um; You Know and Like, and guess what the Um-o-Meter lets you tot up how many times your less than eloquent friend uses each word. Pretty Useless!
What useful or useless apps can you come up with?

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