Monday, 23 July 2012

Apps for Real Estate

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Apps for buying Homes
With our Smartphones constant connection to the internet and ability to geographically locate it's no wonder that they have changed the face of real estate, we've searched the web to find some of the best Real Estate Apps.
Buying a Home using Your Smartphone
Realtor dot com is a great app for real estate agents. Whether you're a manteo real estate agent or a New York high Roller you'll find the app useful to compare average prices in an area and find hidden gems in the property market.

Zillow Real Estate is probably the most well known of the home buying apps but has acquired a tarnished reputation in recent times as there have been recent complaints that the app somewhat inflates the prices of houses.

ZipRealty Real Estate is an up and comer when it comes to apps for finding a new home and has a really well made built in map system

The unfortunately named Wikihood is not an app for gangland violence but rather an interesting app that tells you all about a potential area that you want to move to including famous people who grew up there and the areas history and culture.


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