Monday 23 July 2012

iPad: Changing the way we think and view the World

iPad Artists
Recently we ran an article on iPad artists, particularly looking at the work of David Hockney, one of the most famous iPad artists of modern times. Admittedly audiovisually and in the realms of fine arts the iPad has been somewhat of a seachange. But more can be done in the way that we view and perceive these visual artefacts. 
premier mounts to display and admire our pictures, TV's etc will always have a place, but surely with the prevalence of cheap screens and iPad streaming abilities we should be moving away from these ideas to less cluttered spaces that don't have a plethora of mounted pictures on every wall and "dumb" televisions. The abundance of digital photo frames and digital cameras on the market should have spelled the end of framed photos. They haven't. Cable TV-surely iCloud will eventually see this off-it hasn't yet.
Projector Phones
New ways to display our media
Steps in the right direction are the aforementioned iPad streaming capabilities which should make every screen in the home equal ; the Samsung Galaxy Beam SmartPhone with its Pico projector is now out too-this too should open up new possibilities.
Until we all embrace the new possibilites of media in every room though we will still be admiring art like David Hockney's in physical spaces; rather than in the way Steve Jobs intended us to.

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