Saturday 21 July 2012

Big Time Gangsta - GTA Simplified Done Right for your Smartphone (Review+ Guide)

    A few weeks ago I mentioned in my Contract Killer App Review that I played this app back and forth with that game. Both Contract Killer and Big Time Gangsta require you to come collect your earnings every hour our so to quickly gain money. The title of the app gives away the maturity level of this game. It contains no cursing and no hand to hand combat. If you don't have a problem with Grand Theft Auto type of games then this app shouldn't be a problem for you. In fact, if you like those games, BT Gangsta should be on your to get list for your smartphone. It's violence and language is toned down (a Plus). Reminiscent of Mafia Wars. Yep, Lady Gangstas are included in this app. Purchase and equip new weapons. Hire new goons. This game is FREE to Download. A ghetto type of application with this much detail is impressive.

   There are no headshots in this game. In fact I don't think there are critical or vital shots neither. Battles or Fights are carried out like in a simplified Civilization strategy game. Only 3 Gangstas or units from each team are allowed on a battlefield at a time. When a gangsta's healthbar is reduced to 0, that gangsta will be replaced by a gangsta from the bench or team if there are any. Be sure to equip items that can be used inside battles like health packets and increased bonuses. After each non arena battle, if a gangsta has some HP remaining, then he or she will fully recover. If a gangsta's hp is taken down to 0, then that gangsta will be out of order until that person recovers. Take over or make hospitals your territory to heal 10% faster. While at least one of your men are recovering, you might as well send some of the others that are left to do individual missions. Another good reason to do missions is when you know you aren't going to play the app for a while. This will make your men use your time wisely.

      Some weapons are Dual Wield Weapons, meaning that a gangsta may equip two of those at one time(two of these weapons must be bought separately). The number of the currently equipped items are in a red circle on the bottom right of the equipment icon. Each person may carry up to two different in-game items besides your weapon(s). To use an item during battle, click on the gangsta and their equipments will be displayed on the top left of the screen. Click on the item to activate it. A sound effect and some visuals will signify the use of the items. Different items have different sounds. Upon usage, the item's icon will turn gray and be unable to use until the waiting period or cooldown is over.

     Win battles at a building location and make that part of your territory. It sort of runs like a corporation game where you expand your business to collect greater amounts of profits. Real money doesn't have to be spent on this game for it to last long, just patience and persistence. Constant checking in to collect your territories to collect money and get experience each time. This app is by far the best I've seen for allowing you to get real money credit or Glu Credit in game. Upon leveling up, you receive 3 Glu Credits. You don't have to use those cred to progress to make the game last a long time. By signing on everyday, you get a bonus slot spin that could earn you money or even more Glu Credits. Facebook is required to get the daily free slot spin and money bonus. Activate the Facebook feature located in the semi transparent settings icon on the world map.


   A little Pinch and zoom feature available on the world map(and only on the world map). Even some of the cars on the street drive around, including police cars and their flashing lights. The icons on buildings move up and down a little bit to give them a little more life.  Tap on money icons to collect it and gain a small amount of experience. In late game you may get a visit from a Contract Killer, another Glu Mobile game called"Contract Killer". A nice touch. I haven't experienced cameos in apps.

    The Arena is where you test out your team against waves of enemies. Unlike normal battles, your gangsta's don't heal after each battle. Before and after a fight, you are given the option to Walk Away, Purchase and Equip items, or participate in the next wave. Your progress in the Arena is displayed on the right and looks like something from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. "Cash Out" ='s take what you've earned and leave the Arena (tournament). You are only guaranteed money when you lose after defeating a Blue Tier or wave. Two types of weapons are recommended because the same types of weapons usually run out of ammo about the same time. I don't recommend the Arena for gaining money AND/OR experience unless you stop at a wave where are starting to be forced to use Medium level healing kits. The later waves are strong and require you to use a lot of expensive items, defeating the purpose of fighting them to win prize money. Just waiting for your men to collect money on the world map is a lot more time efficient. For example, I only got 20,000 from beating the second to the last wave(last wave has no reward money, just the weapon and some experience).

How I Play (Arena Strategy)
      -Make sure everyone is equipped with weapons and items. (small cheaper items preferred if fighting in small waves or weaker enemies to conserve money)
      -If enemies are strong, then I try to click on each person and activate an attack boost right as the match is starting(try during the beginning animation before shots are fired). I Rarely use anything other than healing kits though.
      -Click on a character to control their shots. Basically will shoot shoot faster than if automated. Your gangsta will shoot whenever possible at the target you are clicking on.
     -Try to run out of ammo with one character and force him to reload as you go control another of your characters. This will make it less likely that you come back to a character with only a shot or two left, then be forced to wait as all your characters reload and possibly take damage.
    -Right after the battle is done, your characters will  do a finishing animation pose. During this time you may still use items. (If you do use items during this time, remember that the cooldown/waiting period to use those items again for that person will not instantly refresh unless you click on "shop" and come back to the Arena Menu(where you can click "Next Fight").
   -If you aren't fully recovered at the end of this battle, you can still recover during the starting animation of the next fight. 
   -My few experiences with having the "The Pump (shotgun) + 20% Spread" were worst than the unlocked earlier "Menace MP5 + Dual Wield". Had the pump on one of my three starters.
   -So far I've only tried and used the Small Damage Boost and the Small Med and their Medium counter parts. This may not be the best strategy but so far it's been working for me. Just got my first golden gun(the Gold Hammer) by beating the first Arena. After my guys heal I will try to beat the first Arena again to equip a golden weapon on more of my men.

     A gangsta game without a crib wouldn't be very complete. That's one thing that Glu Mobile didn't forget when designing this game. Upgrade Headquarters(HQ) with lots of options and you will receive diamonds. Diamonds are used for working out your characters which will extend their maximum health. Blue Water Bottles are used for sending units to do special missions (the ones for single units). You will have a surplus of these bottles with not much use for having so many. I wish Glu Mobile would fix this as this is probably the only thing bugging me about the game. Another minor oddity with the game is the SHOP. Items are cheaper than their listed price. I suspect this was modified or updated to make the games more playable. However, the store forgets this before the purchase and players must have at least the posted amount to make the purchase. This isn't as player unfriendly as one might think. Think of the pricing as a level or rank requirement to own such a weapon. Right now I do not know if the men become stronger or gain any benefits besides unlocking weapons with the user level or not.

        The in-game music is good, not too gangsta, and definitely not annoying. Load times are short, a few seconds. The nice screenshop on top isn't. Once again, Big Time Gangsta is brought to you by Glu Mobile. A lot of the big games by developers such as Glu Mobile and Gameloft are made for both iOS and Android OS.  Download BTG from your respective app store and see how you like it.  I suggest playing this with Contract Killer (if you haven't tried CK) to help you kill more time and decrease your waiting period to collect if you really have that much time on your hands. Since there is a lot to cover on this app, I might update this article if I think of other things that belong here.



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