Sunday 22 July 2012

WordRuggle : New Word Game

     If you looking for a wordsearch app, then here is an app for you, Wordruggle. Play against all other players currently connected.  Each match lasts 120 seconds or two minutes. Unlike most online apps, this app doesn't use Feint to connect. Both times that I tested this app, 60+ players were on. And yes I have placed top 12 a few times (placed 3rd twice).  Wordruggle currently lets you see how many times you've had the best score and how many times you've played (in a Today section and a This Month section). The menu is simple and easy to use, just like the app itself.

     Click on the light bulb for a slight hint list of how many _ lettered words there are. Click on the Snake looking button to rotate the letters clockwise. This doesn't scramble the words so the the list of possible words don't change, just your orientation of the letters.One unique feature of the WordRuggle is that is tells you the definition of some of the words if you want to know after the match. There are lots of words during a game so the words don't stand out as much as in a hangman game, but it's still nice to have the option nevertheless. If you try to start a match while one is already in progress, you'll have to wait for them to get done first. The wait isn't long.

    The games sound and graphics are decent and user friendly. A warning sound will be played when time is running low. After a match or game, you will have to wait until the server finishes up the score within 15 seconds. A list of top scores will be displayed and your name will be in an orange bar to remind you. I'm still currently a guest. Your screenname or nickname can be easily changed in the main menu.

 Suggestions for further updates 
    A suggestion I have is for the app to keep track of how many times I've placed and the places I were in. If the game gets really popular, more groups/servers might be needed. This might even allow for players to have less waiting time (although not necessary yet). One problem I encountered was that the same group of letters were used in two back to back games. I wasn't paying attention to the list of words after the first round but some people were. I noticed the scores were a lot higher the second time around. After a game, the next high scores lists automatically starts, and then the match automatically begins. Although this keeps the game at a faster pace, adding a "Stay on this page" button would be nice and useful especially for looking at the words and their definitions. Maybe a "Ready for next match" be used if the Stay button is activated.

Wordruggle is brought to you by the developer(s) at AGA Studios. Download the new app from Google Play here. So far the numbers are growing so if you want to win, you should start now before this app gets a whole lot bigger and competitive. Make use of your smartphone. Have fun while expanding your vocabulary.


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