Thursday 26 July 2012

Financing Mobile Apps

We just love the fact that there are so many good free apps out there, but is the fact that many good quality apps are ad supported a double edged sword?

In fact fully aware of how services like Openfeint can really enhance an app, I'm shamefully one of the first to press the "No thanks I don't like fun button" . Not because I don't believe in Openfeint , but because my phone's wi-fi and data connection is often turned off to avoid the hazards of pop up advertising-does Gun Bros really deserve a pop-up ad for craft supplies at ?

However as a financing model pop up ads irritating as they are can serve a purpose. Glu Mobile uses this model to great effect in Samurais VS Zombies Defense with Glu credits being rewarded by clicking on ads. Other games are also coming up with the reward model of " click on this ad once per game session to disable ads" which works for me too. Now if they can only make ads less obtrusive and more catered to the type of game I might start to turn on the Wi-Fi more often and Openfeint needn't keep telling me I'm boring!

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