Thursday 26 July 2012

Jellybean for Samsung Galaxy S3 soon

Samsung have been working at an unbelievable pace to prepare the Android update for the Galaxy S3 smartphone. Sources say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 might be getting the Jellybean update as soon as August. This is an extremely fast pace for a phones update to be rolled out; the majority of handsets expectancy for previous Android updates has been measured in periods of many months. In an equally unprecedented move Samsungs last year flagship phone the Galaxy S3 will also be receiving the Jellybean update. Read between the lines and if you are a S3 owner realise that you have w remarkable and powerful handset;that if Android updates can be so quickly shoehorned in proves that the phone has a lot of future proofing built in.
As to how Touchwiz will be integrated into Jellybean is anyones guess. Personally I am excited about the update as it means that we will be able to use Google Now on our
Galaxy S3s.

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