Sunday 8 July 2012

Full Google Play Services from any Country

I live in Britain and can't buy music from Google Play. Other countries like India might have access to the latest Android phones but a Google Play store with even less features. So if you're an Android user anywhere in the World we are going to teach you how to access apps; books; music and movies for any country using the Google Play Store. A Play Store with full functions and all download services enabled? Yes, Please! Now just like our rich American cousins sitting around in the pool house listening to all their favourite Android Tunes and reading Forbes magazine downloaded from Google Play, the rest of the World can enjoy the same features.

  Again this Android workaround comes from an XDA member: KishankPadivar . His full tutorial to enable full access to Google Play in any country can be found on the XDA forums.

How to Enable Full Google Play Access

A rooted Android device is needed device is Rooted. 
- Download and install Play store v 3.7.11
- Download the Market Enabler
- Download and install DROIDvpn and also register to  make an account.
- In  Apps manager  delete all data and cache for your  Google Play store.
- Launch Market Enabler and select any US service provider, tap “Fake this provider now”.
- Run DROIDvpn and tap start.
For all Download links and more in depth ways to get full Google Play features in any country find KishankPadivar's thread on the XDA forums. Enjoy.

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