Sunday 8 July 2012

Talking Apps: Transformers Editions

There's quite a few talking kid apps out there but these Talking Transformers Apps are special. Not only are they related to the movies, shows, games, and now a ride (Great America). The Transformers talking apps have quality 3D (sprites) that aren't cheap looking knock offs to get quick money. Here's a list of Transformers that have their own FREE talking apps. Instead of ruining the experience with spoilers of what they do, I'll list the features in the tags so you can look at them if you want. Each of these include a voice changer that records sounds and replays the sound with additional effects after recording them. These apps combine the traditional "talking app" with a Transformers theme that should surely interest Transformers Fans.
-Optimus Prime
(Leader of the Autobots remember?) He doesn't transform in the app but he has the best voice changer and the saddest joke of these apps. Moving Ninja-looking Mouth-plates included. Developed by TimesLily Inc. Yes, he's holding and enjoying an ipad (not sure which version though). Download Here from Google Play.

-Wheelie (Blue talking toy truck that eventually helps out the Autobots with some convincing from Megan Fox) He retains his attitude and voice here. He transforms into the blue truck, flashing lights included. The voice changer makes the voice higher pitch and play at a faster speed. Also Developed by TimeLily Inc. To Download from Google Play Click HERE.

-Sideways (Deceptacon bad guy) He has a rude sense of humor. Transforms with the camera view zooming in to show the cars angles. It has a form of a real car, the beautiful sports car Audi A8. Hear the engine roar before it transforms. This app has the best car detail. Voice changer effect replays the recorded sounds in a deeper tone.The app description fails to mention the bot's name by the developer Jasonnorbut. Click Here to Download from Google Play.

 These apps are guaranteed to entertain someone you know. Children love these apps and the voice changers are for childish fun. You don't have to be a kid or spend money to enjoy these apps and have fun.

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