Tuesday 10 July 2012

Make that Word for iOS

Word unscrambling app
Make That Word App
Yes; its an Ios Word game; Im sure the apps title: " Make That Word" gave it away! But thats one of the reasons that Make that Word has taken up so much of our casual gaming time on iPad.
Like the title the word game is easy to grasp and understand.

Frantic, fast paced fun in the Blitz Mode.
The title's clear;  unpretentious, "say what it is" factor is just like the app. Theres no unnecessary rules and complicated ideas to stand in your way of just having some old fashioned word cracking fun on your ipad or Iphone.
 Just jump straight into the app and have a blast either riddling out as many words as you can in two minutes in Blitz mode; or pitting yourself against the word game's endless mode to unscramble each word in the 20 second time limit.
A lovely clear interface with well designed graphics and Game Center compatability paired with social network integration is just the cherry on top.
Fancy some casual, but fun, word unscrambling?
You'll love Make That Word

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