Wednesday 11 July 2012

Call of Thrones Gem Guide

Call of Thrones Guide
Call of Thrones is reliant on the use of gems but there is a lot of confusion as to how to use gems in Yeepgames most popular onlinegame. So if you're a fan of Call of Thrones then your're going to want to read our 
    Call of Thrones Gemstone Guide 

What do Gemstones Do in Call of Thrones?
Gemstone are crucial because they  make  battles, whether PvE or PvP ,easier. Like many other games of this type as you level up mobs increase in strength and HP, without using gems you're fighting a losing battle.

Where to get Gemstone Shards
 Gemstone Shards can be collected in the  Crystal Mine. The Tradeskill is not needed for shard farming, and you can also get the Flower Pebble in the Crystal Mine. The  Flower Pebble is mostly useless though, so you're best off just selling it. 
 Gemstone Shards can also be bought at the Gemstone Merchant (next to the Gemstone Crafting Table) at a cost of 200 coins per shard. It's an exorbitant price so shard farming is much more profitable.

Gems in Call of Thrones
Where is it best to Mine Gems in Call of Thrones?

 Don’t mine gems in the  low level city.  A Common mine will yield more flower Pebbles than shards . Instead Go to high level city, search for Uncommon Crystal Mine, there you'll find more shards than flower pebbles.

It's also very important to socket your items, this can be done at a Gemstone Crafting Table in every city.

How to Socket Shards

Click Add Gemstone Socket. Putting in your items, then you can randomly socket it. If you're fortunate enough you'll get 4 sockets every few goes. Or you can lock your socket and go on socket more. But to Lock socket is expensive: Costs to Lock: First lock-600 gold, the second lock needs 300 gold, the third lock need 100 gold. 

Chart For Gem Use in Call of Thrones
Luckily a locked socket can be changed, you can unlock it for free. 
There’s 5 different color of socket: blue, green, red, yellow and rainbow. Each type goes with the same color gems (ex: blue socket go with blue gems only). However Rainbow sockets can go with any gem.

How to Make Gems
Make the gems with the same color as your sockets. 

Gems Found in Call of Thrones (What each gem does)

Blue gems: Strength, Stamina, Agility.
Green Gems: Defense, Hp drain, Ep drain.
Red gems: Damage, Critical, Accuracy, Speed.
Yellow gems: Burn damage, Bleed damage, Poison damage, Healing.
Rainbow gems: Diamond (available only on shop), Alexandrite, Opal, Amethyst, Amber.

Gem Levels (A total of 7 levels)
 Low, Mid, High (for rainbow only), Super, Mega, Ultra, Cosmic. To make Higher level gems you will need  5 of their lower gems (ex: 5 low diamond = 1 mid diamond) To increase a gems strength from Mega all the way up to Cosmic you will need the sublimation stoneMega to Cosmic gems. Another way to make gems is by  using the  Common Gemstone Voucher. But you can only use this way with Mega gems and lower.

Working on gems will make you stronger, this is a good  way for none gold buyers to get to level up without fear of dying.


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