Wednesday 4 July 2012

Moonwalking with Einstein: Officially endorsed memory App

learn memory mnemonics on Android.
An app endorsed by Dominic o'Brien?
Memory Ladder
If you recognise the phrase "Moonwalking with Einstein" than you might be one of those savants with excellent recall who might be heading to the World Memory Championships.
 Guess what: there's an app for that.
Improving short term and long term memory sometimes falls into the realm of quack psychology and Derren Brown like tricks. Without diving too deep into Google Play a quick search for Android apps to improve your memory yields a Fools Gold mine of results. 
But like a stallion amongst mules Memory Ladder stands proud and tall. The Android App has the honour of being the official World Memory Championship app. Again if you're one of the memory elite or have an avid interest in the powers if the mind, you might recognise the name of 8 time memory world champion Dominic o'Brien who speaks very highly of Memory Ladder, in a personal endorsement on the app download screen.

Definitely if you're going to choose an Android app to enhance your memory then Memory Ladder certainly has the right endorsements and credentials on its side. But does the memory training work in reality and is it any fun?
How many can you remember?
Hands on with the app opens up a whole bunch of mind tricks that are really useful ,and to be honest I'm surprised that intensive University courses don't include stuff like this in their syllabus. Better education and abilities through apps? Yes please.

Choose to take on official memory championship tests including speed number recall; abstract images and date recall. All in all ten disciplines of the Global memorisation competition are catered for. Along the way you'll learn the powerful memorisation technique of pegwords and more. You can keep on challenging yourself with progressively harder memory tests as you play the up the ladder mode and also fully customise the tests so that you can keep on challenging your brain and improving your memory at your own speed, rather than burning out at someone else's pace.
As a fun app to play and challenge yourself Memory Ladder is great but the professional side if being a memory champ and having an intensive training regime for that intellectual pursuit has also very much been catered for, and this is where Memory Ladder really excels. Is this the first memory app worthy of being called a true Mnemonist App?
Download the Official Memory Trainer for the World Memory Championship "MEMORY LADDER" from Google Play. 

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