Friday 6 July 2012

How to get Google Now for Android Phones

Google i/o presented the new Jellybean OS recently-amongst the improvements is Google Now which is set to revolutionise the way we search for things and puts Siri to shame.

Reasons to get Google Now
Google has long been the search engine kings and now in a bold move that fully integrates a new way of searching into Android jellybean phones Google Now has been announced and demonstrated. So what is Google Now? The Android search assistant basically learns from the phone user and is able to predict what the Android user wants from the phone. An example of Google Now in action: If a Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android Jellybean has Google Now activated and GPS turned on and goes on the same commute every day at the same time, Google Now will theoretically learn the phone users habits and Pop upa Google Now Card with route details in the future. Always searching for games that go on sale on Google Play? Theoretically Google Now will learn this and pop up one of the soon to be famous Google Now cards and give you details when they're available. Rather than you having to search for those details. Scary and futuristic ways that Google is becoming even more embedded into our Android phones and lives! But more than enough reason to get JellyBean and Google now. (Of course there's many other upgrades that JB OS brings but G Now is the most exciting)

When will all Android  Phones be able to use Google Now
At the moment only phones running Android Jelly Bean. The Android 4.1 update is expected to initially roll out for the flagship Google Android phone: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom and the Nexus S in mid July. Other top phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X can expect the JellyBean update later in the year. As of now there's now word on whether the skins of S voice or HTC Sense will interfere with Jellybean functions.

Ways to get Google Now on your Android Phone
This advice and hack has come through from the XDA developer forums and will require you to be able to modify some of your ICS files and have a rooted phone:

  1. Open Root Explorer & navigate to /system
  2. Now Open build.prop in Text Editor.
  3. Edit = 16 & save.
  4. Now go to /system/app & Rename GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk toGoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1
  5. Now reboot & install the app from the download link (mirror).
  6. Now edit build.prop & change = 15 & reboot.
febycv is the Android dev who has managed to work out how to get Jellybean on a rooted phone.
Further advice can be sought on the XDA forums

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