Wednesday 18 July 2012

Mythic Saga: New Server and Features

Rich floklore derived browser game: Mythic Saga now has new features and a new Server
Popular Chinese developed Browser Game Mythic Saga has now gained a brand new server. The fantasy adventure game by Gamewave is proving to be a big hit and the new server features of Mythic Saga should up the gameplay even more. When are your Gamewave browser games coming to Android and iOS we can only wait and see....

The New Server and Features of Mythic Saga
 Since opening its OBT server last week, Mythic Saga has attracted an epic amount of players from not only the North American region, but all across the globe. Due to this huge influx of new players, Mythic Saga has decided to open its second and newest server with New Features which will go live on July 18th 6:00 PM PDT ,unheard of in a browser game, Guild Events have also been promised!
What is Mythic Saga: A popular and brand  new Free-to-Play Browser Based MMORPG published by COOLTOPLAY. The story of the  Mythic Saga game is heavily based around the rich Chinese folklore surrounding the popular fable: The Investiture of the Gods, a famous work rooted in Chinese Mythology. 
Thanks to diverse and expansive content and addictive gameplay the Browser game has already gathered thousands of players.
The types of activities you could expect from Mythic Saga are: fighting monsters or hunting down other players for your faction (an exelllent use of a browser for PvP), Mythic Saga caters to all needs.
Within the world of Mythic Saga, players will find many unique features, such as a distinctive upgrade system, beautiful full screen graphics, being able to receive Offline Rewards and Experience, an extremely active in-game community with a close relationship between GM¡¯s and players, powerful Relics to fight by your side, be a Mentor and train an Apprentice, get married, and many many more, that set this game apart from other MMORPG¡¯s. 
To play simply visit or you can find Mythic Saga on Facebook at .

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