Wednesday 18 July 2012

Unique blend of Strategy and Puzzle: TwinsMatcher

Twinsmatcher Puzzle and Strategy Mix
The appstore has no shortage of puzzle games so it's refreshing when a unique take on the puzzle genre comes along. TwinsMatcher at first appears to be yet another symbol matching game, albeit one with quite an arty and attractive interface. However when you get into the meat of the game on your iPad or iPhone the strategic side of Twinsmatcher comes to the fore.
Not only will you be tasked with matching the colourful symbols but also carefully selecting the symbols to make the longest path and get a higher score. Clear the board to win through whilst competing against a nerve jangling time limit.

The Puzzle premise is simple but the clear and attractive icons used for the board, the time limit and stragtegic path choosing all blend together to make a puzzle game that seems to do the impossible by combining relaxing; yet competitive gaming. 

Features like the new board layout, various difficulty levels, a "shake to mix the board up" idea and new icon packs that can be purchased ; make this unique blend of strategy and puzzle worth the time it takes to make the free download. 
Try TwinsMatcher for iPad and iPhone; you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well it hangs together.

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