Monday 30 July 2012

Skills Training for Call of Thrones

If you're a Call of Thrones Fan and are having problems with your skills or just want to find out more about how to use your Call of Thrones' Skills then this guide is your must read.

A Call of Thrones Character has 4 skill slots, some of which can be unlocked with gold purchases. How Do you get Skill Scrolls? Get skill scrolls by completing certain quests or buying  them from skill trainers.

Weapon Skills:
Supportive Skills:
        Healing(alternatively named Recovery in the skill tree window)
Trading Skills:
Skills can also be deleted at a later stage if you find that they're not a good fit for your character. 
1. Using Train functions (for Combat, Supportive and Trading Skills) 
Training is unlocked at level 15.This function can be used everywhere except on the world map and instance dungeons. Along with the skill points gained, it also recovers sp and yields a small gain in experience and combat mastery experience. Use this immediately if you  idle (while AFK, transferring items, making/embedding gems, checking out the player market etc.) for a while. Use it in areas where this state is activated because you'll have the risk of getting killed by other players at PK enabled maps. You could cancel this function by clicking stop/ train icon or moving your character. Roguhly you gain skill points every 35 seconds (ranges to 1-3 skill points for each skill tree) and at this time displays the amount of points/exp earned, but you could still gain a small portion of points and exp if you cancel it halfway.
2. Mining and Smelting in Call of Thrones (for Trading only)
There's not much trick here. Mining ores, smelting items, harvesting and lumbering yields 1 point for every successful gathering. Auto-Quest (refer to the Battle method for more information) function is also available during the mining, harvesting and lumbering. Getting trade skills are also important since the raw materials sold by NPCs are pretty expensive and it is hard to find a good deal in the player market.
3. Battle Monsters/Players (for Weapon/Supportive Skills only)
For the weapon and supportive skills, points are accumulated for their respected skill tree they belong depending on the frequency of usage of skills during a battle. Skill points are rewarded after battle. Training at nearby dungeons of your preference, just be sure you switch from [Manual] mode to [Auto-combat]. It automatically continues to battle a new set of enemies every 10 seconds. If you don't have much time in your hands, you could also utilize the [Auto Quest] function available for unlimited use for VIP members or you could exchange vouchers or gold for a fixed time. Unlike the VIP and gold options, in which you could train up to 48 hours (2 days), you could only train for a maximum of 12 hours and you could also get PK by other players if you are using the voucher option. To avoid this from happening, to find a dungeon where your character will be out of sight at players spawn points. The fun part of using the auto-quest function is that you could still train for skill points even if your offline though it is much slower.


For this method you should pack up on EP recovery and EP drain equipment, this will be useful with your automated grinding and this will also eliminate the need for using EP recovery items that also wastes a turn for your character. EP drain are more effective using skills that gives out multiple hits, so  Dual-Wielders are best suited for this job. For other weapon types you might Just as well try to increase your EP Drain stat. The easiest way to acquire EP recovery and EP drain attribute is by embedding Gems to your equipment. Having a Healing items, skill and stat (HP Drain, HP Recovery, HP Healing) are also vital to sustain yourself from damage you'll receive throughout this ordain. Get a healing skill as early as possible since healing items costs you  coins, hogs up your inventory, not as effective as the heal skill and you might  also run out of healing items during your offline long hour auto combat  sessions.
Note: This method is also a great way to level up your Pets, Mounts and Relics at higher levels. If you want to level up your supportive skills quickly, just select the [Supportive] auto-combat preset. Your character will now prioritize the use of supportive skills like healing and buffs, it even uses heal skill even if you didn't receive a substantial amount of damage. Poison however is more like an offensive skill even though you could purchase it from the supportive skill trainer.

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