Tuesday 31 July 2012

Fifa Online 3 coming to Korea

Fifa Online 3 will be coming to Korea by the end of 2012. Published by renowned online game publishers, Nexon, and developed by gaming giants EA the online football game has improved AI; better animation and dynamic 5 on 5 multiplayer. 
Touted as a next gen online game FIFA Online 3 should find a big following amongst the game crazy Koreans. Known for their predilection for videogames as sport, could we possible see Fifa 3 as the next Korean online supersport?

Savannah Hahn of EA Korea believes that the partnership with Nexon will enable them to "deliver the highest quality services and game experiences". Naturally the new FIFA has a myriad of brilliant features and is said to be the best yet, now we can only wait and see how popular the world's favourite videogame sports franchise is in the East.

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