Monday 2 July 2012

Sony Computer Entertainment buys Gaikai

The online game streaming service Gaikai is to be acquired by SCE. The  announcement of the combination of the Sony gaming giant and the Onlive rival Gaikai came this morning.
We acquired the Gaikai acquisition info from our sources and will update thus article when more news comes through.

Gaikai describes themself as a "Leading interactive Game Company". SCE of course needs no introduction, they're not the first company that the cloud gaming messiah have colluded with as there already exist partnerships with Samsung and LG.
Apparently the buyout which cost Sony 380 Million Dollars. will enable Sony to "provide users with unparalleled cloud entertainment experiences".

As Tablet and Smartphone gaming is on the rise and dedicated handhelds such as SCE's own PSP Vita are on the decline we wonder what this says for Sony's future trust in Potable Gaming. Is this the death knell for not only the Vita but also dedicated home consoles too?
After all if a Cloud streamed game is just as good with a fast internet connection do I need to even consider investing in Playstation 4?

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