Monday 2 July 2012

Penguin Wing Makes it's way to Android

Gametrender is proud to announce that Penguin Wings has migrated from the iphone to the Android OS just a few days ago June 28th 2012. The smartphone app has enjoyed much success on iOS with over 2 Million downloads so far and it is giving Google play a try. It's FREE if you're interested. Penguin Wings has "Reached #1 kids game in 20 app stores around the world." The controls are simple. The screen is one button during gameplay. Don't let that fool you into thinking the game is easy. Reaction timing and eye hand coordination skills are needed.

My Screenshots couldn't be captured correctly during gameplay.

How to Play   
It took quite a while for me to (sort of) get the hang of it. Press Play and choose a stage (you start out with one). Press or double tap the screen to jump start or launch your penguin from it's igloo. As you go downhill, hold your touch on the screen. Right as you're about to go uphill, let go of the screen(the penguin will start flapping). The first couple bumps might not be enough to take flight, but once you get pass that it should be easier(a little). There is an unexplained bar on the bottom of the screen. It seems to be like a freshness bar or energy bar or error/bad timing bar. If you press/touch the screen while going uphill, or don't touch the screen while going downhill, the bar will be drained and exhausted. 

This is a super hill, happens some time after 40,000 score.
Once the bar runs out, the game is over. Your performance is calculated and the amount of Penguin Coins is awarded. Gold coins collected don't necessarily convert to the same amount of Penguin Coins. Penguin Coins are needed to purchase new areas/maps/levels/stages. Purchase new penguins with different looks.

I guess the advertisement gets a free ad in this article.
 Steeper dips will require you to press the screen earlier to stop your momentum from flying off the hill or into another hill. It also prevents you from flying over gold coins and powerups. At high speeds letting your penguin flap off hill gets you airtime. Just make sure you time your landing correct as to not interfere with your momentum(like crashing into a hill). When in Mid-Air, try to see if flapping the whole way will land you in a good spot, if not maybe you should try getting a smoother landing before the projected destination. Preferably, land on a downhill slope. I believe it is also possible to stall like an airplane if you are in the air but don't have enough speed to keep going. When stalling, your speed slows down even more and you start going almost straight down. Luckily you are not flying an actual airplane when this happens, but you wouldn't want to hurt a penguin now would you?

There are Powerups found ingame that will help you (or hurt you).
*Extra Speed
*Super Magnet
*Super Size
*Extra Time   ?
*and more.

This is an example of the shop.

Suggestions for future updates:
-Have a short explanation of the Rocket Power up at the beginning or demo. I accidentally used two on one of my first runs to see the effect and found out later that I wouldn't get them back.
-Decrease the costs of new locations by close to 50% or 200-400 gold coins. Although I haven't mastered it, on good runs I get only about 10-20 penguin coins. 
-The Shop could look a little more friendly and upbeat by changing the plain black background.
-The Main Menu page, and the buy coin page in the shop might lose a little bit of clean clarity on screens bigger than the screensize the app was originally intended for (iphone, 3.5inches). However that doesn't hurt the gameplay at all. 
-Background skies could be made to look more natural instead of repeating wallpapers left to right. (not too bad because all the clouds are connected, but noticeable)
-add at least 1-2 more screenshots onto the Google Play listing of the app.
-It would also be nice to have the powerup explained or labeled on an out of game page.
-The ability to buy and use those powerups (you can already do this with the rocket).

Air Time. The green hill is actually smooth in the game but was messed up in the capture (used Android APK). However, the sky does look like that with the blue strip when you reach a certain height. Also, sometimes my phone has a slight lag when it reaches the "Well Done" section, but that could be a hardware issue.

 Penguin Wings is a fun smartphone application that will take time to master. Help and watch penguins fly, something they are not known for. Again, it's FREE and the size of the file is small so you don't have much to lose, but definitely something to gain. Load times are really small. Try it out and see how you like it. Enjoy the country and classical like background music while you're at it.


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