Monday 23 July 2012

Unotelly-Netflix without Regional Lock? Yes, please!

TV that transcends Geographical Boundaries
We're still at the preliminary testing stages of a new Video streaming service that does away with Geographical limitations and allows you to watch TV Globally.

Neyflix; Hulu and more are meant to be a universal, convenient and entertaining medium that shouldn't be effected by where you are in the world. Unfortunately that isn't the case so lucky for us new kid on the block UNOTELLY is doing something to change that with a DNS based system that allows you to watch online TV on a vast array of electronic devices. Another exciting feature for gamers (and we know that the majority of our readers are) is that regional locked content can be accessed from any country. For example with PSN network support us in Europe are often left with handicapped game versions due to different censorship laws or even PS3 releases that only come out months later due to the need for multilingual translation. Well say goodbye to those old PSN restrictions thanks to Unotelly.

We're only in the preliminary stages of testing at the moment due to our huge review schedule but have checked out the chanells available (impressed!) and set up the account (which took all of 3 minutes and was a very simple process). As we get more in depth with the testing we'll let you know about all the other features and how good Unotelly actually is, here's hoping it lives up to it's promises.

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