Wednesday 18 July 2012

Using BassBuds With the Galaxy S3

Stylish and customisable headphones to use with
Galaxy S3 and other top Smartphones
One of the reasons we like being a top Android and iPhone gaming blog is that media campaigns often use us to test their new products. 
So when Bassbuds High Performance Headphones asked us to review their new customisable headphones we thought they would be a good fit to try out with our Samsung Galaxy S3 phone that we use for gane reviews. 
Firstly let's say that trying out the perrrenial favourite Angry Birds Space we learned something new about Rovio- their soundtracks are damned good and actually contribute a lot to their games. Playing Angry Birds Space with headphone really transforms the game , and with a top end pair of headphones like our black Bassbuds you really get a lot more out of the smartphone game. The depth and breadth of the effects become a lot more apparent using the Bassbuds. So just for the fact that you actually showed us the true awesomeness of Rovio's musical compositions we salute you.
Bassbuds with many Smartphone Friendly Features

Bass is what they call themselves and Bass is what you get. Cranking up the Nicki Minaj tunes through the Samsung Galaxy S3 we really got a lot more depth and timbre to the bass than with the stock Samsung headphones. 
Performance aside another big draw about Bassbuds is the ability to combine so many different colours to really make your headphones suit your own identity. There are currently 20 colours and combinations making this one of the most customisable in ear headphones on the market. The Crystaltronics collaboration with Swarovski adds more depth, style and another layer of technological wizardry to the headphones too.
So as a headphone to support any Smartphone and particularly to use with the Galaxy S3 we recommend the Bassbuds as a good Smartphone headphone- of course they're chock a block with other features too (on lead controls in particular are a great feature) but head on over to their website to find out more:
Bassbuds Link
Real World Gaming Prizes
In a nice tie-in to fit with our gaming blog style Bassbuds has chosen to use a game to promote and give out discounts and free pairs of headphones. A simple enemy avoidance game, the Bassbuds game takes on a new dimension when you factor in the rewards that can be gained from getting score milestones, all the way up to pairs of headphones to be won for the top score.
Imagine a Bullet Hell game with real world prizes and you have an idea what to expect. On the other hand the game with it's progressively ramped up speed is not impossible to play and the current longest time survived is only 62 seconds, so definitely attainable by any worthy gamer. This current game will take it's winners at the end of July , but hopefully we'll see more of these type of gaming marketing tie-ins and hopefully they'll jump the platform gap to be on Smartphones too, as this type of game would be a prefect fit for Androids or iPhones. Of course the real world prizes are a big incentive too!
Try to survive and win Bassbuds headphones and Discount Codes:
BassBuds Game


  1. I've never heard of Bassbuds before. They sound interesting - very functional too. The headphones I have are OK – not much to write home about really. I have a Samsung Galaxy - if you're having that experience with Bass buds, then I definitely want a pair.

  2. I was given Bassbuds for my birthday (black ones). Absolutely love them. You hear things on a whole other level – with more clarity and richness. It's like watching a film in high definition, but for your ears.

    I missed the closing date for the competition by a day but it's restarted now. I wouldn't say no to a discount as I'd like to buy another set.

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