Tuesday 28 August 2012

Apple Avengers Review

The Unity game Apple Avengers was hyped up in our previous article showing how good an indie Unity game could actually be. Now after a week with the IPad adventure game we're ready to deliver our gaming verdict.

Apple Avengers is good because it tries a lot and delivers a lot. Clearly a lot of thought and effort has gone into it; and that fact combined with its indie nature continues to impress.
Gameplay is paramount in this type of title and AA delivers some tight, well thought out progressive platforming. 

The simple objective to find the key and free your buddy while negotiating some precision jumps; swooping platforms and a variety of enemies, is always clear and well executed. And talking of enemies,worms of course, are the main antagonists being Apple's natural predators. But ice worms, flying worms, frost worms and more will try trip you up, providing variety and a sense of lets see what's next excitement.
But other enemies abound and are contextually appropriate whether you're negotiating the desert world, frost world or any of the other varied environments.

And to add even more variety there are different Apple Avengers that you can play as too-the Gungho Tank Apple being one of our favourites.
A great feature set that we particularly love is the fantastic throwback to old school gaming of Boss Fights being included, again varied and intense enough to make you want to play to win. So far in our short progression through the iOS game we've beaten two of the bosses, both with very definite attack patterns and solutions to beat them.

There are prettier games out there though and it is clear graphically that this is a mobile game, but the cartoonish looks combined with well designed if sparse backgrounds don't detract from the overall experience.
A word of warning though; the game is no pushover and will test your patience; it's a testament to good level design that you will carry on playing as its difficulty is progressive and never stops you from enjoying yourself. 

Find Apple Avengers on the Appstore now and join the Game Center leaderboards to be the fastest player through each of the game's levels.


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