Thursday 30 August 2012

What are the new Clash of Clans Updates?

New Defence in Clash of Clans Update-Hidden Teslas!
Massively popular Clash of Clans has just had some potentially game changing updates!
candy crush level 117 walkthrough If you're after good visual effects in mobile games then check out the new graphics for the Clash of Clans Dragon Attack and Wizard Tower Attack.

If you're from Sweden , China, Australia, India, Thailand, Norway, South Korea or Japan then you can now buy a flag for your own country in Supercell's game.

Find out what how good your clan members defences are by now being able to view their traps when you visit their villages.

Did you hate spending all your money on a PEKKA only for a spring trap to take it out? In the new Clash of Clans update the spring trap no longer affects the P.E.K.K.A.

And be prepared to up your defences if you're lucky enough to own a Level 7 Town Hall as you can now get the new Hidden Tesla Defence!( at a million gold per unit the Tesla Defence is the priciest defence so had better he worth it!)

And apparently Supercell has even more plans in the coming weeks to make Clans even more tactical. One of the most exciting features we've heard rumour of is the new Clash of Clans Spellforge. Undoubtedly this will be a higher level building and will allow devastating offensive type spells as well as give the ability to add buffs to your troops. In addition the healer unit might be redundant as you will be able to use the Spellforge to heal units mid attack.
In a very bold tactical decision Supercell will soon be adding the ability to see a replay of attacks. A little hint we have now as to our weaknesses in defence is where the enemies tombstones have fallen, but with full replays we will have a much better way to plan our Clash of Clans Defence. candy crush level 117 walkthrough


  1. Can we please have a reset button maybe level 10 and below


  3. Reset button for base so you can rebuild and Chang super fast

  4. They should invent more stuff but not only for level 9-10 town hall! Its hard getting to town hall level 10 u know! They should create stuff that level 6 and up can unlock and buy. That would be really appreciated.


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