Thursday 16 August 2012

BETA for Serenia Fantasy

Browse game developer JoyoPark will soon be announcing the launch of the beta server for Serenia Fantasy,
a browser-based game set in a mystical fantasy world . Beta players will be promised first access to many in game rewards.

Serenia Fantasy, a free-to-play online browser-based RPG, following recent gaming trends Serenia has adopted a modern take on pixel art graphics.
Pvp and Co-op gaming is promised too. The four-
slot customizable costume system will be perfect for showing off your uniquely
personalized character’s stuff! Joyopark has promised an innovative "spirit system" to improve gameplay, we're still awaiting confirmation as to what exactly that entails. As a web-based game, there is no need to download anything- Serenia Fantasy is easily accessible and can be played anywhere.

What is the backstory for Serenia Fantasy?

This thrilling MMORPG is set in a world with an intricately detailed past and an
unpredictable, chaotic future. Millions of years ago, Bur, The God of Creation, waged
an epic war against the Evil deity Harlan. Bur forged the Holy Sword Lamborisa to
slay Harlan then sealed his soul within this magical weapon of elemental power.
Since then, peace in the world of Serenia has been maintained for eons. However,
the Holy Sword has now become corrupted by Harlan's dark and twisted soul
and grows more and more evil as his strength intensifies. There is only one thing
driving Harlan's struggle for resurrection: revenge! Adventurers must all defeat
this evil together and win back peace for Serenia. On this quest, the richly detailed
continents, ancient castles, scorching deserts, gorgeous undersea cities, dreamlike
islands, boundless frozen expanses of ice and snow... all these and even more
immense and mysterious locations will transport you to a magnificent world of
enchanted fantasy!
Visit Joyopark's website to gain access to the Beta of Serenia Fantasy.

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