Thursday 16 August 2012

Improving graphical performance for Asphalt 7 Heat for Tegra 3 and iPad 3

Graphical secrets of Gameloft
Better  Gameloft game Graphics for Tegra 3 and the New iPad
Asphalt 7 Heat is one of the premier racing games from Gameloft, there's a lot of graphical power behind this app and for all you graphics geeks and programmers out there we've researched what makes Asphalt 7's graphics so good on the new iPad and especially on Tegra 3 Android devices. BREAKING NEWS: As of 28 September this racing game is being heavily discounted on Google Play.

At the moment the graphics of Asphalt 7 are some of the best that programmers have been able to squeeze out of the new iPad ( still no bikes here though we'd love to see how good a set of michelin motorcycle tires looked on the retina Display). Expect the usual blur, depth of field and lens flare. But it really does start to come close to this generation of consoles graphics with some beautifully rendered environments. Gameloft's genius's have been very close lipped when it comes to what makes Asphalt 7's visuals so extraordinary on the new iPad , suffice to say that they're currently pushing the iOS beast's Quad core graphics chip to the max with users having to choose between various settings to get the best performance from the game. A toss up between frame rates , draw distances and special effects.

Luckily we've been able to find more in depth info about how the game's graphics are utilised by Tegra 3 Android devices. As we all know some of the most cutting edge Android games are coming out on Tegar 3 devices and while Asphalt Heat is not a Tegra exclusive it still gets a lot out of the graphics chip.
How to improve Asphalt Performance on Android(Tegra 3 configurations for power users)
Gameloft considers Tegra3 devices as "android_medium" two steps below the full android_high mode 
This will improve the graphics for Asphalt 7 on the One X without a hit on the frame rate 
Runs very smoothly with interactive governor and aggressive minfrees , these type of games are very RAm intensive
- Added full dynamic reflections without frame rate skip 
- Added traffic shadows 
- Added blur effect on impact 
- Use high quality car shader 
- Use second render target ( to give increased visual "bloom") 
- Added swf post effect 
-The  car reflections in the  garage are just another great effect.
- Increased car detail in gameplay and in garage vs SGS3 
No hope in using the High map mode which includes higher detailed tracks with better textures and buildings' window reflections, because its killing the frame rate-this is the same type of consideration behind the game on the new iPad.
No hope in fixing the texture clipping issues since this game refuses specific considerations for the NV GPU and its methods on Tegra 3 devices 
*For those getting white roads and lag change your DeviceConfig.xml with the one provided below... 
It is in Data>DeviceConfig>DeiceConfig.xml.


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