Wednesday 8 August 2012

Cross Platform Mobile and Web Messenger

Android to iPhone chat
Multiplatform Messenger App
The iPhone has Facetime, Blackberry has BBM, Android phones have "What's App Messenger" (and a dozen other variants). But it's time that all these makers of good, and even some great, messenger apps realise that not all people have the same phone!

In my household alone we  have an HTC Cha Cha, a Samsung Galaxy S3, an iPhone and a young 'un addicted to the iPad. That's a lot of line rental and a lot of communicating going on. So when we came across Piip Messenger we thought the cross platform functionality would be a great way to communicate and lower an increasingly hefty mobile phone bill.

Talk is cheap of course, but in these days of Facebook and other IM  resources who actually voice talks? My BBM buddies have a ball continually instant messaging each other, and even though much of the planet is not a Blackberry fan nowadays that kind of seamless easy to use communication is really the way forward. And let's face it IM is cool, isn't that one of the bigger lateral selling points that put the original Nintendo 3Ds into a million classrooms?

So case proven we want multi platform IM capability! We also don't want to have to log in, we want to use our 3G( 4G if you're fortunate) networks or WiFi to send and receive messages for free. Piip Messenger you are our wallets saviour! In home testing we used the HTC Cha Cha to chat with the S3, the experience was smooth and useful, we then experimented a bit more and found that conversations that we were having between the phones could also be continued on our laptop(is this phone to PC messaging even available on other apps?) This function completely changes the way we think of phone messaging as it is so much more of a hassle free messaging experience to use a computer to chat with Smartphones. Finally we were sold on the cross platform messenger app when we were easily able to chat between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone. 
Use BBM on any Phone.
PiiP Messenger: Multi phone and computer chat

Further improving the chat experience were some functions that us as lay people would be hard put to come up with, but Piip corporation have clearly put a lot of thought behind the crossplatform messenger app and their robust cloud infrastructure is backed up with highly encrypted messaging, "automagical contact synchronization" , location sharing abilities and multiple ways to make sure that you get and read your messages.

As of now this Messenger app is available on many platforms including iPhone,Android, Blackberry and even Windows Phone 7. 
For convenience here is the Android link for Piip Messenger or if you have any of the other phones mentoned then use this link for the multiplatform messenger

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  1. Really cool review, will test this app for sure


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